By the way, I haven't introduced myself yet.

If you don't already know me...

My name is Temper Thompson. I publish books on Kindle, and I also help people publish

their own books, as well as teach them how to profit with their books.


Now, I'm not going to write a long sales page.

Why? Because this doesn't need one.

I'm just telling what these 10 fiction plots are and how they can benefit you.

Yes, these 10 romance plots will definitely be helpful to many people.

However, this is not for everyone.


This is for...

- People who write romance (or want to)

- People who need new ideas for their stories

- People who want to sell romance on Kindle (you can give these plots to a ghostwriter)


If you have no interest in writing or selling romance at all, then this probably isn't for you.

However, if you do have an interest in writing or selling romance, then this can

definitely be a very useful product for you.


Here's just a just a few ways that these 10 plots can benefit you...



Romance is the #1 best-selling genre on Kindle. There is a HUGE demand for it!

If you publish a good romance book on Kindle,

(with a good cover, etc) you'll be flooded with sales.

This is the tool you need to create those good romance books that readers crave.

If you develop these plots into a good book, customers will turn into fans & repeat customers.

They will look forward to your next book, then buy it as well.

If you keep publishing good romance books on Kindle, your old

customers will keep buying & your new customers will become new fans.

It will be a snowball effect.

If you're ready to write the books yourself,

then you can develop these 10 plots into 10 full novels/novellas & sell them on Kindle.

Or you can simply use them as inspiration for your own stories to make them better.

If you don't want to write, then no problem!

You can give these to a ghost writer, and they'll develop it into a book for you.

Either way, this is a great tool romance publishing on Kindle in 2014.



 Here's my offer:

10 Premium Romance Plots For Just...


10 Romance Fiction Plots